El-Mohandes Facilities:

Following its success in the field of mixed solvents, El-Mohandes continues to deliver impressive growth in manufacturing wood and automotive coatings throughout its facilities.


El-Mohandes is staffed with highly qualified and experienced personnel supported by dedicated customer service staff.

Total professional & support staff + 500 persons


  • 70 Truck each load 5 MT daily.
  • 9 Road tankers each load 40 MT daily.
  • Factory site which is near to Alexandria, Cairo and many other cities.

Customers facilities:

  • Credit facilities.
  • Satisfy their needs from 1 drum customer to 40 MT or more to any place at Egypt.
  • Keep on a permanent stock for 3 months.
  • Prompt reaction to satisfy their need within 24 hours.

We take care of our customer’s needs by providing high quality service to them before, during and after the requirement.


  • 4 above-ground tanks with total storage capacity up to 6500MT
  • 17 underground tank with total storage capacity up to 500 MT.
  • Total storage area for drum products about 16000 M2.
  • We have 6 warehouses for final products and raw materials.


R&D / Quality Control:


El-Mohandes Company has a huge R&D labs which improve the existing products and also developing new ones that match the highest quality control standard and meet each individual customer’s need.


We believe that quality control, research and development are the main reason for our company to keep the continues growth so that labs are fully equipped with the newest instrument to reach the highest quality standard.