How Can We help You

Two questions guide our approach to business. Firstly, are organizations we deal with getting maximum benefit from the collaboration? Secondly, how can we help them achieve greater success in future?

At the heart of this approach is our ability to create connections between customers and suppliers. Our value add is our unrivalled knowledge of markets, industries and applications. It helps our partners to focus on their core business and avoid complexity. The result is that our customers and suppliers can respond flexibly to changing market conditions.

El-Mohandes has a truly comprehensive range of products and best-in-class services. But just as important is our ability to procure products with any required packing in perfect time. Combined with our highly developed distribution network, it allows us to serve customers anywhere in the world, always with the same high standards of safety and quality.

But our business is about more than just supplying large quantities of industrial chemicals. It’s about providing a tailor-made solution for each of our customers. For example, we can repackage chemicals in smaller units, carry out filling, label products, palletize them in accordance with your wishes, and much more.

By using our services, customers also benefit from consolidated centralized purchasing. Because you only have one supplier to deal with, the cost and complexity of your purchasing process is reduced.

With customers in Egypt, Africa & Middle East region and unrivalled industry knowledge, El-Mohandes can be an indispensable route into new markets. We are the largest consumer of solvents in the Middle East.

Our experienced marketing & purchasing teams stay in close contact with suppliers and customers. Their job is to keep both parties up to date with developments in one another’s industries. This highly valuable market intelligence is often gained from exclusive industry sources.

Health, safety and environmental standards are right at the top of our agenda. That means suppliers can confidently partner with us for distribution of chemical products.